Saturday, 31 August 2013

Sami Yusuf Naats

Sami Yusuf 
Listen to a great collection of Sami Yusuf naats online. Sami Yusuf has a great voice and style and now you can listen to or download naats in mp3 format for free online.
Sami Yusuf was born in July 1980 into a musical family of Azeri origin, learning to play several instruments at a very young age and demonstrating a keen interest in singing and composing. He studied music at several institutions and with renowned composers and musicians including composers from the Royal Academy of Music in London, one of the world’s most prestigious music institutions. In addition to his education in Western harmonics and composition, Sami has a solid understanding of the Middle Eastern modes (or Maqams) and is thoroughly acquainted and familiar with both East and Western musical traditions.
Al Mu-allimSami Yusuf
Allah HoSami Yusuf
DuaSami Yusuf
Make A PrayerSami Yusuf
Munajat (Arabic)Sami Yusuf
SupplicationSami Yusuf
The Cave of HiraSami Yusuf
The CreatorSami Yusuf
Try Not To CrySami Yusuf
Who is the Loved OneSami Yusuf
Ya MustafaSami Yusuf

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