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Farhan Ali Qadri Naats

Farhan Ali Qadri 
Listen to a great collection of Farhan Ali Qadri naats online. Farhan Ali Qadri has a great voice and style and now you can listen to or download naats in mp3 format for free online. This young, amazing, talented, superstar Naat khawan Farhan Ali Qadri is well known in every corner of the world, for his melodious voice and unique style of expressing his great love toward Allah and the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) through the beautiful naats that he recites. Ferhan Ali Qadri is just 12 years old. Ferhan Ali Qadri is a student of 7th class. 

Farhan Ali Qadri has a big talent and with sweet voice. Farhan Ali qadri when he was just 11 years old spoken with a great voice and was famous with his best live performance. In the list of Naat khuwan he was known as a big live performer. On 12-Rabi-ul-Awal thousand of People was come to watch his life performance. Farhan Ali Qadri Naats consider faith life in Naat Field.
Aa Gaye Sarkar (saw)Farhan Ali Qadri
Aagaye Aagaye MustafaFarhan Ali Qadri
Aamina ka laal aayaFarhan Ali Qadri
Aamna ka laal aaya mein tou aashiq hoonFarhan Ali Qadri
Aankho Mein Bas Gaya Hai MadeenahFarhan Ali Qadri
Aapne Maa Baap Ka Tu Dil Na DukhaFarhan Ali Qadri
Allah Ho AkbarFarhan Ali Qadri
Allah Allah Dil Kehta haiFarhan Ali Qadri
Amma Amna Jou LaalFarhan Ali Qadri
Aseeron Ke Mushkil KushaFarhan Ali Qadri
Banke Sail Madine NooFarhan Ali Qadri
Dam Badam Allah hoFarhan Ali Qadri
Darpesh Ho Taiba Ka SafarFarhan Ali Qadri
Dekha De Elahi Woh Pyara MadinaFarhan Ali Qadri
Dhoom Machado Aamad KiFarhan Ali Qadri
Ghaus Ja Mureed SindhiFarhan Ali Qadri
Haleema Lori Deti HaiFarhan Ali Qadri
Haleema Main TereFarhan Ali Qadri
Har Zarra Jag Magaya HaiFarhan Ali Qadri
Hasbi Rabbi Jal AllahFarhan Ali Qadri
Hum Ko Bulana Ya RasoolAllahFarhan Ali Qadri
Jannat Mein LekarFarhan Ali Qadri
Jashn-e-Aamad-e-RasoolFarhan Ali Qadri
Je Too Chahien Ahad (siraiki)Farhan Ali Qadri
Kaabay Ki Rounaq Kaabay Ka ManzarFarhan Ali Qadri
Karam Maangta Hoo DuaaFarhan Ali Qadri
Kehti Hai Pholon Ki RidaFarhan Ali Qadri
Khairat Lenay AagayeFarhan Ali Qadri
Kia Khabar Kia SazaFarhan Ali Qadri
Kyun Kar Na Mere Dil Mein HoFarhan Ali Qadri
Lab Per Naat-e-Pak Ka NaghmaFarhan Ali Qadri
Lagyan Ne MaujanFarhan Ali Qadri
Likh raha hoonFarhan Ali Qadri
Maa Tere Piyaa Ka HaqFarhan Ali Qadri
Madinay Mein Yeh Hotay HainFarhan Ali Qadri
Madinay Wala Aamna Da LaalFarhan Ali Qadri
Madine Mein YehFarhan Ali Qadri
Marhaba Bolo MarhabaFarhan Ali Qadri
Marhaba Ya Rasool AllahFarhan Ali Qadri
Mein Lajpalan De Lar LagiyanFarhan Ali Qadri
Mein Tou Aashiq Hoon Nabi KaFarhan Ali Qadri
Mere Aaqa Aaye JhoomoFarhan Ali Qadri
Meri Dharkan Mein Ya NabiFarhan Ali Qadri
Mithe Madni Kavein RungFarhan Ali Qadri
Mithe Mithe Sohnre Tere BolFarhan Ali Qadri
Mitho Naalo Muhammad JouFarhan Ali Qadri
Mitho Pyaro Suno NaloFarhan Ali Qadri
Muhammad Ka Roza Qareeb Aaraha HaiFarhan Ali Qadri
Na Ho Araam Jis BeemarFarhan Ali Qadri
Na Ho Aaram Jis BimarFarhan Ali Qadri
Nabi Ki Naat Ki MehfilFarhan Ali Qadri
Nahien Hai koi Duniya MeinFarhan Ali Qadri
Naseeba Khol De MeraFarhan Ali Qadri
Noor Wala Aaya HaiFarhan Ali Qadri
Noor Ki BarsaatFarhan Ali Qadri
Noori Mukhra PunjabiFarhan Ali Qadri
Patta Patta Boota BootaFarhan Ali Qadri
Poocha Hawa Say Mein NeFarhan Ali Qadri
Rab Ne Diya hai UnkoFarhan Ali Qadri
Sardar Saath DeyieFarhan Ali Qadri
Sarkar-e-Dou Aalam Ke DekhoFarhan Ali Qadri
Shaamil Hai KhudaFarhan Ali Qadri
Tajdaar-e-Haram SallamFarhan Ali Qadri
Tera Khawan Mein Tere Geet GawanFarhan Ali Qadri
Tumhra Jodi Jago MadinaFarhan Ali Qadri
Ya Mustafa Khair-ul-WaraFarhan Ali Qadri
Ya Rub Meri Soyi Hui TaqdeerFarhan Ali Qadri
Ya Mustafa Ya MustafaFarhan Ali Qadri
Ya Rab Naseeb Ho Dar-e-MehboobFarhan Ali Qadri
Ye Kis Shehenshah-e-Wala Ki AamadFarhan Ali Qadri
Zameen Maili Nahi HotiFarhan Ali Qadri
Zamin Maile Nahin HotiFarhan Ali Qadri

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